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For a while, Reese Witherspoon was really good at a making unlikeable characters likeable. In Legally Blonde , she played ditzy sorority girl Elle Woods—the type of character who’s usually a punchline—and managed to transform her into an icon of female empowerment. In Walk the Line , she was June Carter, the other woman to a married Johnny Cash, and somehow she came off as more sympathetic than Cash’s long-suffering, always-pregnant wife. Tracy is the girl that everyone in high school hates: a prissy, uptight teacher’s pet who dots her “i”s with stars and always has the right answer. Witherspoon’s performance highlighted Tracy’s detestable qualities—her vindictiveness, her arrogance—but it did not ignore her redeeming ones. Tracy is very, very smart, and she’s aware of the world outside the Omaha suburbs in ways that her classmates aren’t. The most poignant scenes in Election show Tracy wrestling with the deep loneliness of being a bright, ambitious girl in a small town. It was these sorts of roles that made movie audiences fall in love with Reese. Witherspoon herself is a type of woman who sometimes has trouble getting people to like her: blonde, pretty, perky, talented in all sorts of ways besides being a gifted actress, she’s also smart—she went to Stanford for a year before committing to acting full time , she could inspire jealousy rather than adoration.

Reese Witherspoon Loves and Hookups

Want to know why we are so fascinated with celebrities dating non-famous people, just like us? Because it means that maybe, just maybe, we too have a shot at being in a relationship with a famous face. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Ariana Grande is reportedly quarantining with new boyfriend Dalton Gomez. It’s believed the singer and her real estate agent beau, who previously dated Miley Cyrus, have been together for a few months now.

In February, the pair were spotted kissing at a bar in LA and since then, he’s made a few appearances on Grande’s Instagram stories.

Reese Witherspoon went through a highly publicized breakup with her As popular as dating apps may be, they’re not the only way to meet a partner. As she revealed to Elle in , she definitely wasn’t expecting Toth to.

Reese Witherspoon began seriously pursuing her acting career after first enrolling at Stanford University. Witherspoon went on to win an Academy Award in for her role in Walk the Line. The daughter of a physician and a nurse, Witherspoon grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, where she was a debutante and attended Harpeth Hall, a private all-girls high school.

On a bit of a whim in , Witherspoon answered a call for extras in her hometown newspaper. She wound up with the lead in her first feature film, The Man in the Moon , at just 14 years old. Her first year out of high school, Witherspoon considered abandoning acting altogether to follow her parents into the medical field. But in , her performance in the film Freeway earned her the Catalonian International Film Festival award for best actress.

She deferred college for a year to focus on acting, then briefly studied English literature at Stanford University before deciding to return to work. Witherspoon quickly established herself as a talented actress in films such as Pleasantville , Election and Cruel Intentions While filming Cruel Intentions , she began exploring an off-set romance with co-star Ryan Phillippe, whom she had met previously at her 21st birthday party.

The couple married in , and welcomed two children soon after: daughter Ava Elizabeth born in and son Deacon In , Witherspoon continued to soar when she starred in the surprise box office hit Legally Blonde. The movie proved to be such a success that it spawned a sequel. The franchise established Witherspoon as a must-have commodity and propelled her to the realm of A-list actors.

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Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon born March 22, is an American actress, producer, and entrepreneur. The recipient of several accolades, including an Academy Award and a Primetime Emmy Award , she is among the highest-paid actresses in the world, as of Time magazine named her one of the most influential people in the world in and She also starred opposite Mark Wahlberg in Fear Her breakthrough came in with a supporting role in Cruel Intentions and for her portrayal of Tracy Flick in the black comedy Election.

She achieved wide recognition with her role as Elle Woods in the comedy Legally Blonde and its sequel, and for her starring roles in the romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama and romantic drama Water for Elephants

Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon have been married for 9 years since 26th Mar view relationship. Dating History 7. Grid List Table. Best viewed in.

Hollywood is one fickle world to live in and when it comes to romance, we find ourselves reading about a ton of coupled up headlines that come and go faster than they should. While relationships in the entertainment industry can be difficult to keep up with, considering couples are together one day and not the next, there are a number of Hollywood elites that have been in major romances that we have completely forgotten about.

We aren’t entirely sure what caused the split between many of these celebs, but what we do know is that some of their breakups were definitely for the best, while others were not so much. Here are 10 Hollywood couples you would swear you never knew were an item! One romance the many of us often forget ever existed was between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The two first met shooting their film, “Gigli” back in , however, it was a box office failure and was pulled out of the cinemas after 3 weeks!

Despite their movie being a flop, their relationship certainly wasn’t. The two dated from the end of until They were hounded by the media and gained the first-ever combined Hollywood couple name, Bennifer. During their time on “Gossip Girl”, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively secretly dated for the first three seasons of the show. While they were great at keeping their romance on the down-low, things got too difficult to hide leading the two to reveal that they had been dating for the past three years.

While Penn and Blake didn’t make it down the road for the long run, since they have both married other people, they will forever remain Dan and Serena in our hearts. While the two are obviously no longer together, they sure did leave fans with a lasting impression.


Who is Reese Witherspoon dating? Many famous men have dated Reese Witherspoon, and this list will give you more details about these lucky dudes. These guys come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they’re all men that Reese Witherspoon has either dated or linked up with. It’s not hard to get jealous of these men that Reese Witherspoon has gone out with, so try your hardest to contain your envy.

From to , Reese Witherspoon was married to Ryan Phillippe.

to Reese Witherspoon to Kirsten Dunst, the A-Lister’s dating history is hooked up for a bit during the summer of , going on a few dates.

The second season of Big Little Lies is almost back, and I can’t wait to see what’s about to go down in Monterey. At the end of last season the women all came together, someone close to them died, and their quaint little town was turned upside-down. I’m living for the drama, but also for Meryl. The icon herself is joining the cast for the second season, and it can’t be June 9 soon enough. To hold us over for the last few weeks, I dug around to see who the cast spends time with when they aren’t filming.

Spoiler: these badass women and men work hard and love even harder. Kidman is married to country singer Keith Urban.

Reese Witherspoon’s Sad, Swift Descent Into Boringness

Reese Witherspoon has opened up about her first marriage to her Cruel Intentions co-star Ryan Phillippe. The actress was just 23 when she tied the knot with Ryan in , and the couple went on to welcome two children together, Ava, now 18, and year-old Deacon, before their split in During an appearance on Lorraine this week to discuss her latest film, Home Again , Reese spoke about her ex-husband and her decision to tie the knot at such a young age.

With Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, Til Schweiger. C.I.A. operatives wage an epic battle on each other when they discover they are dating the.

The year-old actress is nearing her one-year wedding anniversary to Jim Toth. She spoke with Reuters about the film, her hunky co-stars, her commitment to representing her southern heritage and helping female filmmakers. This movie is all out action. Would you say it is a departure for you? Combining it with this very viable spy story made it feel new. But I had a few stunt doubles because there were things like driving cars, jumping off buildings, cars tumbling towards me, things on fire His mind races with thoughts and ideas.

He was writing his own lines and helping us construct narrative. Q: This is not the first film where you played a character in a love triangle. What made you take on such a serious project? I want to always represent that area with dignity. I would want people to have as much awareness of the case and keep looking.

Reese Witherspoon Says Ryan Phillippe Divorce Was Responsible for Her Career Missteps

Reese Witherspoon on Love, Romance and Dating. Torn between the handsome, suave and self-assured FDR and ruggedly good-looking and romantic Brit Tuck, who between them fulfil every wish she ever longed for, Lauren seeks guidance from her best pal, Trish Chelsea Handler , to decode her romantic dilemma. I definitely have my crew of girls that I go to about everything in my life.

Promoting her new movie This Means War, Reese Witherspoon shares with me her thoughts on Dating, Love and Romance. In This Means.

Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth have been mastering the marriage game since they tied the knot in They recently celebrated their seventh anniversary, with Reese praising Jim as the man who “keeps me smiling everyday! I don’t know you! He’s just broken up with someone. That’s just kind of who he is, a really good person. The pair started dating around January , shortly after her split from Jake Gyllenhaal, and went public with their romance for the first time in March of that year, during a birthday getaway in Ojai, California.

Two years later, Reese explained in a touching interview how Jim had swept her off her feet by making her feel safe and cared for. I’m going to take care of you. Things between the couple got serious quickly, and after less than a year of dating, Jim proposed to Reese.

The Real-Life Partners Of The ‘Big Little Lies’ Cast

The hit romance film catapulted the young actress to fame and gave her the chance to work alongside her then-partner, Ryan Phillippe. The couple, who played Sebastian Valmont and Annette Hargrove in the film, proved they had more than on-screen chemistry and went on to marry shortly after. Young and in love, their relationship moved quickly and they ended up becoming engaged one year after they met.

Three months later she gave birth to Ava and four more years after that they welcomed their son, Deacon, who is now year-old.

The duo dated seriously back in dor a whopping year and a half! Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon dated way back in and.

Unfortunately, things became messy and, after eight years of marriage, the couple divorced in Even though Witherspoon was quick to clarify that she has absolutely no regrets, the divorce must have been especially hard on her, as rumors circulated that Phillippe had been unfaithful. According to numerous reports, the actor had an affair with co-star Abbie Cornish on the set of Stop-Loss in While her highly publicized marriage and split from Ryan Phillippe kept Reese Witherspoon in the news, her decade-long relationship with Jim Toth has been kept mostly under wraps.

Far from prying eyes, the couple has managed to build a long-lasting bond and a modern-day family. As Witherspoon proves, sometimes, the universe drops love right into your lap. Jim was a really good friend, pulling him out of that situation. Once the pair did meet, they wasted no time getting to know each other. Me and My Valentine!

Reese Witherspoon on Meeting the Duchess!

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