How Iceland’s Genealogy Obsession Leads to Scientific Breakthroughs

DeCODE scientists have established a substantial and consistent positive correlation between the kinship of couples and the number of children and grandchildren they have. The study, which analyzes more than years of deCODE’s comprehensive define genealogical data on the population of Iceland, shows that couples related at the level of third cousins have the greatest number of offspring. For example, for women born between and , those with a mate related at the level of a third cousin had an average of 4. For women born in the period with mates related at the degree of third cousins, the average number of children and grandchildren were 3. The findings hold for every year interval studied, beginning with those born in the year up to the present day. Because of the strength and consistency of the association, even between couples with very subtle differences in kinship, the authors conclude that the effect very likely has a biological basis, one which has yet to be elucidated. This study provides the most comprehensive answer yet to the longstanding question of how kinship affects fertility in humans.

Iceland Dating: Incest Is No Laughing Matter

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Iceland’s singer Bjork performs in Istanbul on August 3, Still, even though he wasn’t expecting to find he was dating a first cousin.

Iceland—home to under , people—is a relatively small country. With a small population clustered together in a relatively small space, you can see how it would be easy to be distantly related to someone without realizing it. To prevent any accidental familial hookups, a company called Sad Engineers Studios created the app using information from an online genealogical database.

The collection dates back more than a thousand years and contains extensive information for more than , Icelanders. Typing in a name will do the trick, but Icelanders who are face-to-face can simply bump phones for results if they both have the app, that is. Sad Engineers calls this feature “Sifjaspellsspillir,” or “Incest Spoiler. If you’re thinking it can really be that big of a problem, apparently it is. And to make it more confusing, children can adopt the first names of both parents.

So while a distinctive last name could be your saving grace in the U. So am I! Of the Boston Jingleheimer-Schmidts? Avoiding an embarrassing hookup is a big perk, but that’s not all the app does.

How to be ‘appy in Iceland…

Published May 10, What do any two random Icelanders have in common, genetically? The design concept seems to have worked, too.

NEWSWATCH: Dating in Iceland can be a little risky – you could be you won’t unknowingly be doing the bad thing with a kissing cousin.

A study released Thursday in the journal Science found that marriages between third or fourth cousins in Iceland tended to produce more children and grandchildren than those between completely unrelated individuals. Researchers at the deCODE Genetics company in Reykjavik mapped out kinship among all known Icelandic couples whose members were born between and They then compared the numbers of children and grandchildren descended from these , couples. Researchers were shocked to find that for women born between and , marriages between third cousins produced an average of 4.

For women born between and , with mates related at the degree of third cousins, the average number of children and grandchildren were 3. Kari Stefansson, senior author of the paper on the study. Dislikable, because our intuition is that the more closely related you are to your mate, the higher the chances of passing along the unfortunate traits so often associated with inbreeding. Researchers believe the trend toward a more prodigious relationship with a not-so-distant relative must have a biological basis, though scientists have not identified exactly what biological mechanism could be behind this.

And because the researchers sought to eliminate any socioeconomic factors that could influence the number of children a couple might have, they believe these findings must have a biological basis. Previous studies on the relationship between kinship and fertility rates have been sparse, and the results, some experts say, have often been distorted by other social variables. Marriage, it turns out, is not an exact science. For example, a study also published in Science found that, in Asian and African populations, marriages between related individuals also produced more offspring.

However, researchers only evaluated relationships no more distant than second cousins, and the populations they studied showed great socioeconomic disparity. In the most recent study, researchers sought to eliminate some of these confounders by limiting their study to only the Icelandic population — a country of relative socioeconomic homogeneity, where there is little variation in family size, use of contraceptives, or marriage practices.

Iceland’s No. 1 Dating Rule: Make Sure You’re Not Cousins

Image: Robert. In Iceland, everybody is related. Okay, technically everybody everywhere is related, but in Iceland people are way more related than they are in, say, the United States.

In which a helpful new phone app is developed to prevent Icelanders from dating their cousins, which may tragically keep them outside of the “Goldilocks Zone”.

You can find out more about family law in your own state by contacting a legal services office, a tinder school that offers legal problems to students and the public, or searching your state’s homepage on the cousin. You can also look it up under “marriage” or “domestic relationships” in the legal love for your state. The Canon cousin of the Roman Catholic Iceland in fact has annulled marriages between first cousins and banned marriages within the fourth love of a consanguineous relationship since And even though dispensations could be granted to get around legal barriers, they became harder to get the closer the love are related.

This is because medical science has found that children born out of consanguineous relationships are more prone to free genetic disorders like autosomal recessive disorders as well as other to conditions like increased site, population and greater susceptibility to infectious diseases. It is this fear for the app of future generations that lies at the heart of social disapproval for cousin marriages.

So if you and your app are in a sexual relationship, consider genetic counseling.

Icelanders avoid dating cousins with genealogy website

That means the kids behind the counter, mostly natives who could not possibly be any older than 25, are the would-be DJs playing the new Frank Ocean song that dropped just a few days ago. Welcome to a world both wonderful and strange, where aspiring artists drive by untouched glaciers with Rap Caviar on blast. Iceland country is a hair smaller than Tennessee modestly sized state. The land of blue lagoons and black-sand beaches and lava fields and Hidden People and really nice venue security guards is also home to some of the most talented singers, songwriters, producers and musicians in the world.

A study released Thursday in the journal Science found that marriages between third or fourth cousins in Iceland tended to produce more.

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There’s An Anti-Incest App In Iceland So You Don’t Sleep With Your Cousin

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Still, scientists at Icelandic biotechnology company deCODE genetics say that when third and fourth cousins procreate, they generally have.

The incestuous dating scare in Iceland dating goes back centuries, beginning with the formation of the country. The settlement established in modern-day Reykjavik originally consisted of about 30,, residents who fled to escape conflict from Norway. Great periods of isolation led genes to linger around, making the island a case study for researchers experimenting with genetic diseases.

Iceland has a land mass about the size of Kentucky, yet while Kentucky has a population of around four million, Iceland has only , residents. When dating does occur, a majority of Icelanders meet potential suitors in the bar scene. They see little daylight because of their geographical location, and they want to avoid being gossiped about in narrow communities. Hence, Icelanders are more likely than many Americans to end up drunk and give into other humanly needs by taking a person home with them.

In Iceland, running into a random casual sex partner might also mean running into that same person at a family event. This is the price the culture now pays for having stayed isolated from the rest of the world for so long. In the late 20th century, the country participated in a nation-wide study of genealogy with a genetic company called deCODE. The study gathered information from church archives, family data, and census records to trace families of anyone who lived in Iceland for the past years.

The app works with smart phones by bumping phones together and checking an online database for how closely related people are to one another. Presently, the phone only alerts devices if new acquaintances share a common grandparent. Most Icelanders already know who their first cousins are.

The Ultimate Guide to Icelandic Women

While having a one-night stand won’t raise an eyebrow in Iceland, your choice of partner might. With a population of only ,, it’s one of the least densly populated countries on earth. How does the app work? Place your phone next to someone and, if necessary, it will alert you to the fact that you are too closely related to tumble into bed.

It is not the first-time technology has morphed in such a remarkable way: YouTube, the video sharing goliath was conceived initially as a dating app. The idea was that users would upload videos of themselves in which they explained who they are and what they were looking for.

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This website is using cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our site of cookies. Find out more Accept. Are you single and planning on traveling alone to Iceland? By the end of this blog I ensure you, that whatever site you might have will be gone. I will in this cost tell you third customs, good cousins and insight knowledge on how it is dating in Iceland, when you are a cost.

I have just recently moved to Iceland. This time I am staying for a longer reykjavik and I will therefore be picking up my previous cost dating experiences in Iceland. Denmark you say?

Icelandic Incest (Entry 2722)

With foreign media continually misunderstanding and misrepresenting a jokingly made incest-fighting app, one has to wonder. In Sjallinn, Northerners would probably be the majority and so it would be harder to apply the results to all Icelanders between the ages of 20 and 40, about 50 thousand men and women. According to a survey relating to the sexual habits of 65 thousand women in the Nordic countries, Icelandic women aged 26 to 30 years old have slept with eight people during their lifetime.

Interestingly, this is a Nordic record; Norwegian women of the same age have only shared their bed with five people while Danish and Swedish women have had six lovers.

The Canon cousin of the Roman Catholic Iceland in fact has annulled marriages between first cousins and banned marriages within the fourth love of a.

A commercial for an Icelandic phone company from a few years ago depicted a couple waking up after a one-night stand. They both pick up their smart phones. They both log into a family-tree website, Islendingabok. There are only , people who live in Iceland, and most are descended from a small clan of Celtic and Viking settlers. Thus, many Icelanders are distant or close relatives.

Sometimes too close. The desire to avoid unwitting incestuous pairings at one point even spawned an app , created by a group of engineering students at the University of Iceland, that allows its users to bump their phones together to determine whether they share a common ancestor. Concerns about wading into the shallow end of the gene pool are just a small part of the Icelandic obsession with genealogy. As Iva Skoch explained in Global Post , when two Icelanders meet, the first question is usually, ” Hverra manna ert bu?

Bookstores are stocked with thick volumes on the histories of Icelandic families.

Iceland app prevents accidental incest

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