Atherosclerosis & ischaemic heart disease: Here to stay or gone tomorrow

Our helpline is providing vital support and advice to more people than ever. Help us be there for. Donate today. Cardiovascular disease affects your circulation too. And poor circulation makes other diabetes complications worse — like problems with your eyes and feet. So keeping as close as possible to your target HbA1c level will help protect your blood vessels and in turn your heart. Even mildly raised blood sugar levels can, over time, put you more at risk.

Matters of the heart: Sex and cardiovascular disease

I can feel it now, aching deep behind my rib cage the way it does every time we’re together, beating a desperate rhythm: Love me. Love me. When you think of a broken heart, you may picture a cartoon drawing with a jagged line through it. But a real-life broken heart can actually lead to cardiac consequences. Read on for more information about how an extremely stressful event can have an impact on your heart.

Congenital heart defects (CHDs) are the most common type of birth defect. As medical care and treatment have advanced, babies with a CHD are living longer​.

Adding a handful of dates to your daily diet could improve your blood triglyceride levels without raising blood sugar levels according to new research by an Israeli scientist. Professor Michael Aviram, a biochemist from the Technion-Israel Institute of Science, found that eating Hallawi dates daily for four weeks could improve the quality of lipids fats in the blood without raising sugar levels.

In , Aviram was the first to prove that consuming red wine reduces cholesterol oxidation and arteriosclerosis development. Dates, which grow in sub-tropical and desert areas throughout North Africa, the Middle East, California and Australia are rich in natural sugars and vitamins A and B. Aviram and his team carried out a test on 10 healthy subjects who ate 3. This quality begins to degrade when the cholesterol is oxidized into potentially harmful molecules.

Aviram has spent more than 20 years trying to find ways to prevent and break down the deposits of cholesterol in the arteries — arteriosclerosis — that cause strokes and heart disease, a major cause of death in the Western world. He has focused particularly on discovering natural antioxidants that can improve the quality of blood cholesterol levels. Dates contain high levels of sugar, and the researchers were surprised to discover that a diet rich in dates did not bring about an increase in blood sugar level.

This could possibly make them suitable even for patients suffering from mild hyperglycemia persistently high blood sugar levels , Aviram believes. For over 16 years, ISRAEL21c has brought you the faces and places of Israel every day, spreading the word about Israel to millions of people in virtually every country around the globe.

Dating with Chronic Illness

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Low Magnesium Linked To Heart Disease a detailed review of cardiovascular disease research, using studies dating back to

While consumption of olive oil has been associated with improved heart health for years, the new research shows these associations with a U. The health benefits of olive oil are well understood, according to Dr. Animal-based fats such as margarine, butter, dairy fat, and mayonnaise are less healthy than olive oil when it comes to supporting heart health. Guasch-Ferre said that researchers also saw positive associations with other plant oils, such as corn or safflower oil, although more research is needed to confirm the effects of plant oils on health outcomes.

Guasch-Ferre also pointed out that these findings are consistent with current recommendations that highlight the quality, rather than the quantity, of fat intake. She adds that the study led to new questions, and more data will undoubtedly add to the overall understanding of the relationship between olive oil and heart health.

4,000-Year-Old Mummies Showed Early Signs of Heart Disease

This can make it difficult for your body to get as much blood and oxygen as it needs. This then causes the symptoms of heart failure, such as having trouble breathing, especially after being active. It just needs some support to help it work better. Treatment for heart failure aims to relieve your symptoms and make your heart stronger to improve your quality of life. Many people with heart failure have had a heart attack in the past.

Follow-up of all study participants was from the index date until the first primary diagnosis of cardiovascular disease (any or specific subtype).

Liza Morton is affiliated with The Somerville Foundation. The Somerville Foundation is the UK’s leading charity for adults born with a heart condition. Liza works voluntarily in Scotland to improve care for this population. One in every babies is born with a heart condition, but thanks to modern medicine more infants are surviving than ever before. However, there is no cure for these conditions and the person needs lifelong medical monitoring. A growing body of evidence shows that people with CHD are more likely to suffer from mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

To date, this psychological impact has been understood as a consequence of the additional stressors that living with a serious lifelong medical condition can bring, such as missed schooling, spending lots of time in hospital from childhood , and having to undergo frequent surgery. I know from personal experience how challenging this journey can be. But a relatively new understanding about how our bodies regulate feelings of safety, risk and social connection may help to make sense — from a biological perspective — of this increased risk of mental health problems.

When all is well, we stay in our social engagement system. This is our most evolved and healthy way of being. In this mode, we feel safe and sociable, and we are best placed to grow, develop, learn, recover and heal. When we feel under threat, the fight or flight system is activated.

Heart Disease in African-American Women

Return to the tutorial menu. Ischemic heart disease is caused by an imbalance between the myocardial blood flow and the metabolic demand of the myocardium. Reduction in coronary blood flow is related to progressive atherosclerosis with increasing occlusion of coronary arteries.

Heart problem: About three weeks ago I started dating a nice guy. Recently we were talking and I told him about some childhood issues. He got.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States. The interactive map provides national, state and county rates for heart disease and stroke mortality and hospitalizations. A high sodium diet can lead to high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. There’s too much in many common foods. High blood pressure often leads to heart disease and stroke. Disparities in Heart Disease and Stroke.

Is Broken Heart Syndrome Real?

Although medication can help extend the lives of men with chronic heart failure, several factors associated with this disease can interfere with a person’s ability to engage in and enjoy sexual activities. Fatigue, depression, medication side effects and the fear of damaging the heart can cause people with chronic heart failure to lose interest in sex or wonder whether this activity is safe for them.

A literature review published in the October issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings finds that with proper screening and treatment, many patients with chronic heart failure can safely engage in sexual activity. Co-authors Stacy Mandras, M. This literature included data from patient surveys and clinical trials.

Her Heart is Australia’s only not-for-profit focused on the prevention of women’s heart disease. Her Heart speaks to women, about women, and for women. Keep up to date with our latest News & Updates on the Her Heart blog. View articles.

After a heart attack or revascularization procedure, many people wonder whether it will be safe to resume sexual activity, and if so, when. They may worry about having another heart attack, or about dying during intercourse. If they have had bypass surgery, they may worry that sexual activity might be painful. Despite the importance of sex in a healthy relationship, many people including doctors are uncomfortable discussing it. As a result, questions go unasked, and information is not volunteered.

The whole issue becomes the elephant in the room. The American Heart Association AHA felt that evidence-based recommendations might help doctors initiate discussions on this important topic. The AHA commissioned a committee of experts in various fields to review studies and determine what is known on the topic. The resulting comprehensive statement on sexual activity and cardiovascular disease answers most questions people are too embarrassed to ask.

Heart and vascular care (cardiovascular)

You can prevent heart disease by following a heart-healthy lifestyle. Here are strategies to help you protect your heart. Heart disease is a leading cause of death, but it’s not inevitable. While you can’t change some risk factors — such as family history, sex or age — there are plenty of ways you can reduce your risk of heart disease.

(When people die from heart attacks, cardiogenic shock is the most common cause of death.) Heart attack and broken heart syndrome: What’s the difference?

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Relationships and sex after a heart attack

On the morning of December 15, , year-old Christine Wayne woke up feeling tired and more rundown than usual. Although she had a cold that week, she thought she should feel better. I was so tired with every movement. It was exhausting. Wayne stepped out of the shower, felt lightheaded and then vomited.

Information from Bupa on heart failure. Read about heart failure symptoms (such as trouble breathing and swollen feet) as well as treatment advice.

Low magnesium levels have been found to be the best predictor of heart disease, contrary to the traditional belief that cholesterol or saturated fat play the biggest roles. Research scientist Andrea Rosanoff, PhD. The current review is based upon work that was started by Midred Seelig, MD, who studied the link between magnesium and cardiovascular disease for more than 40 years. Previous research has revealed low magnesium to be linked with all known cardiovascular risk factors like:.

This implies that the real culprit of cardiovascular disease has been low magnesium levels , while historically, experts have blamed a high-saturated fat diet and high cholesterol. Rosanoff said:. But this research was widely and immediately ignored as cholesterol and the high saturated-fat diet became the culprits to fight.

Decades of elevated calcium intake have not been balanced with increasing magnesium intake and in a U. Therefore studies are revealing that calcium supplements that are not in balance with magnesium, elevate the risk of heart disease. The current processed food diet that is common in the U. This is due to losses during processing and because of reduced magnesium levels in wheat and vegetables.

Legumes and nuts are rich in magnesium Mg , however the processed food diet rarely includes these two foods.


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